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Lawn Care in Baton Rouge: What to Expect from Your Landscaping Company


When you join up for or subscribe to anything, you usually know what you’re receiving for your money. Subscriptions used to be linked with magazines; however, the phrase incorporates music services like Spotify and XM Radio and television programs like Hulu and Netflix. These organizations do a fantastic job of outlining precisely what you’ll receive for your monthly pay.

While your listening and watching habits take up much of your day, so does your lawn. The green area surrounding your house is the first thing people see when visiting your property, and finding the time and equipment to develop and maintain a lush, green lawn may be difficult. A “subscription” with a professional mowing service and landscaping firm may be quite beneficial. But what services should your yard and lawn care service provider provide?

Proper Mowing Techniques

Cutting the grass too short and mowing it too often is one of the easiest and most common ways to ruin your lawn. Grass takes time to develop into a healthy and vigorous state, but a few improper mowing sessions may undo it. Taller grass is more nutritious grass that naturally suppresses the growth of weeds by “smothering” out anything else that may attempt to grow inside the turf. A typical rule of thumb in horticulture is that the higher the grass blades sprout, the deeper the roots are required to produce to maintain them.

Furthermore, if mowing patterns are kept the same every other time, they may typically cause additional harm. Even with a push mower, mowing in the same direction compacts the soil. This reduces the soil’s breathing capacity and transfers nutrients to form root structures.

Consider public places and regions where most people stroll through grassed areas; is it more dirt or grass? Changing where and how a lawn mower moves through a lawn is one of the most basic tactics used by experts to maintain healthy grass.

Lawn Edging and Trimming

Excessive edging, although creating a neat appearance around concrete, asphalt, and other elements, may harm your grass if done incorrectly. Weeds grow in bare soil and sun exposure, where your desirable grass has been removed. These characteristics are provided by aggressive edging procedures such as utilizing a string trimmer to edge or profile a gap between a bed and grass or around concrete or hardscape transitions.

Overedging may cause unanticipated vegetation problems and enormous erosion concerns in regions where water is constantly shed. These sections are often unable to “grow back in” and must be mended with soil and fresh sod to rectify the exposed washed-out damage.

While the perimeters of your driveway, deck, sidewalk, patio, and landscaping barriers must be addressed, they must be treated in a way that supports your entire lawn, so we use and recommend a fixed blade edger to edge all hard-edge surfaces and bed edges in turfed spaces once a month or less.

Weed Management and Lawn Nutrition

Weeds will always attempt to appear, no matter how attentive you are about your grass. Because Louisiana has a subtropical climate, the parishes around the shore excel at producing crops and growing every weed in the northern hemisphere! Weed treatment takes time to be successful and demands patience as the weed’s “seed to plant” development cycle is disrupted.

Another aspect to anticipate is periodic lawn nourishment with a good fertilizer program that replenishes the lawn’s nutrition at various periods of the year. Overseeding with rye grass during the winter months to protect the grass and give it a green appearance in an otherwise brown market, core aeration to allow the soil to decompact and promote oxygen and nutrients to reach deeper into the soil layers, and proper watering of turf through an irrigation system or sprinklers can all help to protect and ensure long-term health. Professional care programs cover all of this.

Recognition of Lawn Pest and Fungal Issues

It may be difficult for a homeowner to study and grasp the numerous disorders that might impact their lawn, much alone which chemical, out of the hundreds on the market, is appropriate for their problem and grass type. Personnel skilled in recognizing the tiniest evidence of fungal activity from Brown Patch fungus or Take All fungus, which if left untreated or uncontrolled, may harm and destroy your grass in significant parts at a time, should be included in expert lawn management services. In addition to fungi, insects may be both beneficial and harmful.

Sod Webworms have become a yearly summer nightmare for many people in the Baton Rouge region, and they can completely ruin a lawn in weeks. Armyworms can do the same thing in less than a week. Having personnel trained to spot early indicators of an infestation helps to ensure that the yard is treated as soon as possible. Follow-ups may guarantee that all your hard work and effort on the lawn is not for nothing!

Types of Turf

There are several grass options available in today’s turf industry. During mowing service, expert analysis should be provided to verify that the kind of grass being handled is appropriate for the location in which it is placed. Certain grasses can grow in shady areas, while others may only withstand a few hours. Other grasses are ideal for high-traffic areas or locations children and dogs constantly abuse. To achieve the best performance of a grass type on a property, these issues should be monitored and addressed through professional mowing services.

If you want to take your yard to the next level, a professional lawn and landscaping firm can help. ZDR Baton Rouge Landscape Pros. has been assisting Baton Rouge area home and business owners in keeping their lawns healthy and green for over a decade, providing their customers with the piece of mind that their investment in their property and landscape is being cared for dependably and skillfully!



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