Frequently Asked Questions

A well taken care of lawn will provide many benefits to your home and family. Not only does it help the environment but it also provides a safe place for children to play and a natural way to cool your property. 


The average neighborhood block of eight homes provides the same cooling effect as 70 tons of air conditioning. Our services help to keep your lawn healthy and growing and providing all This not only helps keep your own property cool, but also assists your neighbors as well.

Be sure that the yard is picked up and free of any clutter. Please also be sure that pets and kids are clear of the area while our team is at your property.

Baton Rouge Landscaping and Fence Services can also provide fertilization and weed control, lighting, power washing, irrigation systems, hardscaping, shrub trimming, leaf cleanup, mulch, annual installation, sod installation, etc. We are a full-service lawn and landscape company. 

At Baton Rouge Landscaping and Fence Services, we are proud to service lawns and yards of all sizes. From small and compact to large and expansive, our team is ready to take on your project regardless of the size. Call us today and we will be happy to set up a FREE quote.

Typically, we will service your lawn on the same day each week as part of our regular maintenance schedule. We ask that you try your best not to water your lawn on your scheduled service day. 

In most cases, our team can work around some extra debris. We are able to trim around trampolines, playhouses, and lawn furniture however we do not move any large items. For the safety of our crew, we ask you to pick up the yard and clear out as much as possible including toys, lawn decorations and small items that may cause an accident. 

At Baton Rouge Landscaping and Fence Services, we do our best to care for your property and items near and around your lawn. Like everything else in life, there are accidents and sometimes there is no way to avoid hitting something. We do our best to try to avoid young trees, but they can on occasion be damaged by yard services if they are not planted in a tree ring or protected with a barrier. 

We suggest placing a small mulch bed around the base of any tree, and especially small trees and saplings, as they have a long way to go before they are strong enough to withstand any damage. As far as light fixtures, we recommend they be placed in garden beds and similar areas to prevent damage. 

Baton Rouge Landscaping and Fence Services is a full-service lawn and landscape company. Our lawn care maintenance service includes mowing, line trimming, edging, and finally blowing off all hard surfaces. 

Our service area includes local communities near and around Baton Rouge including Baton Rouge Metropolitan Area, West Baton Rouge Parish Council, East Baton Rouge Parish, West Baton Rouge Parish, Rosedale, Carville, Addis, Brusly, Central, Walker and more.

Yes, the quote we provide to mow your lawn includes trimming grass edges and sidewalk edging, unless you specify otherwise.  Shrub trimming is billed by the hour and not included in weekly service.

We offer our customers outstanding, affordable service, top quality workmanship and second to none dependability! We show up when promised and we get the job done on time.

Yes, you can always request a specific day. However, we plan our routes out with great care and while we will do our best, we can’t guarantee anything.. We will do our best to accommodate your request.  We mow lawns Monday through Friday, but with the ever – changing weather and pop up thunderstorms, this may change. If your scheduled mow is delayed because of inclement weather, our services will be delayed until the next day when the weather is cleared up.

If wet conditions don’t allow us to perform service on your scheduled day your property will be serviced the next day, weather permitting.

We take safety seriously! We strongly encourage you to keep all your pets indoors and all gates locked on your service day. Our teams are very careful about closing gates behind them but we can’t guarantee this. Please check all gates after your service.

We understand that having your property serviced before a holiday is important. When a holiday falls during your scheduled service day we add teams to ensure all properties are serviced. 

Please notify us at least 48 hours hours in advance if you scheduled service if you need to reschedule lawn maintenance service.

Our typical crews range from 2 to 3 crew members. The number of employees working on your job will depend on the size of the lawn or project.

Having a well maintained and landscaped lawn can increase the value of a property. The curb appeal will have sellers visioning a home within your property.

Depending on the weather, varying the length of your lawn will really help to keep it vibrant and healthy. Our teams pay special attention to the forecast in order to determine the length of the lawn for each and every cut. We also suggest watering in the morning on days when you are not scheduled for lawn maintenance.

Regular feeding and fertilization is key to bringing your lawn back to life. Baton Rouge Landscaping provides fertilization and feeding services to help maintain your lawn by slowly releasing just the right amount of nutrients into your lawn. It takes between 4-6 weeks for the grass to improve. Taking care of weeds is also important.

There are dozens and dozens of products to apply to your lawn. Choosing the right product and applying at the right time is tricky. Let our experts evaluate your lawn and provide you a quote for weed control, feeding and fertilization.