Grass Trimming/Lawn Mowing Service

Attentive care for your yard in Louisiana

Our grass trimming service are fitted with an easy height adjustment system enabling us to set the perfect height for each and every lawn, specifically for the seasonal time of year and situation at hand. By adjusting the mowing height, it enables our team to help your lawn retain a lush green look, all year round whilst using less water to keep your lawn healthy and strong, to aid in the battle against weeds and disease.

Most households in Baton Rouge have warm season grasses for their lawns, basically this means in the warmer months the lawns thrive and grow quickly however during the colder months lawns growth slows down, becoming nearly dormant in some situations. By raising mowing heights during these colder periods leaves more green leaf on the plant which in turn helps the plants process of photosynthesis enabling it to stay healthy when there is less sunlight available.


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When it comes to keeping the property around your home or business safe for use and looking great, it pays to have a relationship with a local, trusted landscaping company. Baton Rouge Fence Installers provides quality work by experienced professionals.