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Keep you property well-maintained!

Lawn cutting is part of a great-looking yard. But we don’t want to put our name on a lawn that’s nicely mowed, but browning from sun, improper fertilizing, or pests. That means we offer lawn cutting as part of a package, rather than a stand-alone service so you can have a yard we’re all proud of. So if you want a fantastically green yard with golf-course-perfect lines and edging around fences, walkways, flower beds, trees, poles and shrubs, and then cleaning up the excess clippings, we’re here for that.

We will match a lawn care schedule to your schedule, budget, and needs. Whether you need weekly yard upkeep or are looking for seasonal help keeping things in shape, we want to be the company for you. We offer complete yard care options for everything you might need to take care of your lawn.


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When it comes to keeping the property around your home or business safe for use and looking great, it pays to have a relationship with a local, trusted landscaping company. Baton Rouge Fence Installers provides quality work by experienced professionals.

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