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Lawn Mowing in Baton Rouge: Fall Yard Maintenance


A lush, healthy, and colorful lawn in the spring and summer starts with autumn maintenance and preparation. Even in milder regions, such as south Louisiana, winters may be harsh on your grass when it stays dormant. However, with a few simple measures, you can supply the nutrition and protection it needs to flourish and develop when the temps change.

Aerate and Oversee Your Lawn in Autumn

Your grass has most likely suffered from soil compaction and heat stress during the summer. These two issues are often the source of brown or thinning grass. Aeration removes soil plugs from your grass to create passages for nutrients to reach the roots. Aeration in the autumn will help your grass prepare to be green and healthy the following year.

Use a Fertilizer High in Nitrogen

Fertilizing your lawn in the autumn is an excellent method to keep it looking fresh and robust throughout the warmer months. Fertilizing your yard gives it the nourishment it needs to survive through the winter and grow stronger in the spring. Consequently, autumn is the most critical time of year to fertilize a healthy lawn. When you aerate in the autumn, you should fertilize to ensure the nutrients go deeper into the soil.

Continue with Your Lawn Pest Control Maintenance

Insects that reside in your yard today might pose significant difficulties after the winter season is through. You may use a pesticide or contact your lawn care provider to detect and eradicate lawn pests.

Keep Your Regular Lawn Mowing Schedule

Maintain your grass’s regular height until it stops growing. These autumn lawn care activities must be done regularly. Seeding and fertilizing too close to winter can prevent the soil from absorbing nutrients. The procedure will be ineffective if you aerate when it’s still too hot outside. A strict autumn lawn care routine is essential for a healthy lawn next year.

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