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Here Are The Top Landscaping Trends Of 2023


While experimental gardening is quite popular right now, some of the most popular landscaping designs expected to emerge in 2023 include an emphasis on environmental gardens, natural wildlife gardens, and culinary gardens, all connecting to one common topic this year—sustainability. We polled outdoor living specialists and landscapers to determine which concepts they believe will benefit homeowners in 2023. So, if you want to protect your yard while making maintenance more straightforward and ecologically friendly, these top landscaping trends are for you.

1. A Newfound Focus on Immersive Gardens

Natural immersive gardens will be a significant landscape design trend. “To better express the core idea of this trend, you can also call it curated wilding or nature-scaping.” According to Bryan McKenzie, landscape designer at Bumper Crop Times, “the trend focuses on using natural and landscaping materials that mostly have neutral colors and rich raw textures to highlight the true beauty of the imperfect look.” Local species that have been carefully clipped to seem pure are among the plants employed in this approach.

2. Low Carbon Landscaping

In Almost every area of our life, low-carbon is growing more popular. “It’s all about growing local plant varieties and investing time and effort into growing herbs, veggies, and fruit in your garden to reduce your carbon footprint,” McKenzie said. It is equivalent to sourcing all-local materials, furnishings, fertilizers, and other items. The herb garden has finally moved from the kitchen counter to the park, where it can thrive and provide security. Not to mention that gardening offers several mental health advantages, such as decreasing stress and anxiety.

3. Incorporating Metals

Different materials have had a lot of effect on landscape patterns. “A big trend we’re seeing is metal being added to landscape – whether that’s in shade structures, artistic panels, water features, planter boxes, and more,” says Ryan Trudell, Creative Environments’ VP of Landscape Architecture. This complements the reintroduction of the pergola and patio structures to link the outside and the interior.

4. Using Drought-Tolerant Plants Only

Climate-change and environmental-conscious households are beginning to notice something that cannot be avoided: “The climate crisis is widespread, and potable water is becoming increasingly scarce.” “Recognizing the beauty of native and drought-tolerant plant selections that may flourish in our gardens with minimal care and irrigation is a trend we’ll see left and right in 2023,” says Barnard Design’s Sarah Barnard.

5. Gardening for Local Wildlife

“Fires, development, and grazing have all had an impact on the habitats of wild animals.” “When designing our gardens with wildlife in mind, we must consider nectar, seeds, shelter, and water,” adds Barnard. As we spend more time in our gardens and patios, creating a wildlife-friendly environment will bring gorgeous butterflies, birds, and other friendly neighbors into the picture for a one-of-a-kind experience.

6. Artificial Grass for Easy Maintenance

The use of artificial grass in landscaping is growing in popularity.

Material landscape material. 

Material. Low-maintenance patio remodeling solution. “[Everyone] from homeowners to developers and commercial property managers is turning to synthetic grass for its year-round looks, low maintenance, and overall cost-effectiveness,” explains Dirty Turf’s Michael Levy. When combined with other ecologically aware landscaping trends, artificial grass may help homeowners build the landscape of their dreams while saving money on upkeep and care.

7. Bringing Water into the Garden

Petsolino’s Sherry Morgan states, “Adding a small pond to your landscaping plan is great.” A pond may be appealing, giving a tranquil setting to relax after a hard day at work. Nonetheless, “landscape design is always changing yearly,” Morgan observes. Concentrate on adding elements that make your entire room stand out.

8. Recycled and Reclaimed Materials in Gardens

The focus for 2023 landscaping trends is eco-conscious materials and designs. “From reclaimed wood wall gardens to repurposed brick lawn edging, recycled materials are being used to reimagine landscape design and gardens,” says Larry of Lawnmower Larry. When reusing materials, the only limit is your creativity; you can mix and match various materials or include unwanted household objects for a unique appearance.

9. Entangled Designs for Continuity

“Entangled design enhances continuity as people make their outdoor spaces an extension of their home.” “We see the entangled design, which combines the surrounding landscape with hardscape designs, becoming more popular,” says Joe Raboine of Belgard. Natural stone transitions, uneven edges, boulders, grass, and aggregate produce a more natural, organic effect that combines landscapes and hardscapes.

10. Defined Outdoor Spaces

As people spend more time outside, they need their outdoor area to be more helpful and full. “Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, office, or living room, we are seeing homeowners lean toward creating more efficient, defined outdoor spaces,” Raboine adds. Landscapers and gardeners are increasingly exploring methods to combine nature with patios and outdoor areas to offer an excellent setting for relaxation and enjoyment, all of the health advantages the outdoors provides.



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