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Your landscape and lawn can benefit from regular edging. You would be surprised at what a difference lawn edging services can make on your property’s appearance! Your lawn naturally wants to grow well beyond the boundaries that you’ve set for it, at Baton Rouge Fence Installers we go out of our way to give your yard a clean, detailed appearance using top-notch edge cutting equipment available.

We suggest cutting to a depth about 3 inches, starting in the spring when growing season begins, then monthly for your yards optimal appearance. You may also want to consider adding an edge or border to your lawn or garden.

Put your lawn and garden tools away and let us take all the “work” out of your yard work so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy!


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When it comes to keeping the property around your home or business safe for use and looking great, it pays to have a relationship with a local, trusted landscaping company. Baton Rouge Fence Installers provides quality work by experienced professionals.