Residential Landscape Lighting: 4 Trends Your Baton Rouge Lawn Needs to Know

Residential Landscape Lighting: 4 Trends Your Baton Rouge Lawn Needs to Know


Your home or business can have more style, definition, and safety with outdoor lighting. Even a small change in lighting can make a big difference in how your property looks, feels, and works. Landscape lighting can be as simple or as complicated as you want. A landscaper with a lot of experience can help you plan and set up the best lighting for your needs. Here are some ideas for your outdoor space that might work well.

Smart Outdoor Lighting

With new Smart Transformers and smart home upgrades, you can control your landscape lighting from anywhere and at any time, just like you can with Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Home, or any other smart device. You can set the mood for any event by changing the brightness, color, and intensity of the lights. You can set and change schedules or add zoning and phasing to the system to make different parts turn on and off at different times.

Bistro Lighting Outside

Strand, Carnival, or bistro lighting is a great way to light up outdoor spaces from above. These are the oval-shaped string lights you usually see at carnivals or in people’s backyards. They put out less light so that people who look up don’t get blinded. These lights can also be powered by smart plugs and remotes, and they are now available in the LED form, which makes them a convenient and stylish way to get light.

Downlights for your landscaping

Downlights can be used to light up flowerbeds, walkways, or other parts of your yard that might be darker than others. Downlights, like pathway lights, can shine light in wide circles or angled ovals to light up walkways or pool deck spaces while leaving a clear line where shadows start. One of the best things about downlights is that they keep the amount of light pollution low and out of places where it can bother people’s eyes.

Landscape Features that Stand Out

Spotlights can be used to light up and improve the look of bushes and trees in your landscaping. Spotlights can make any kind of mood by reflecting light to light up an area without shining light directly on it. They can use bright white lights or different colored bulbs.


Landscape lighting is a great way to improve the look of the outside of your home. A landscaping company with a lot of experience can completely change the look of your home or business. Baton Rogue Landscape Pros have been helping home and business owners in the Baton Rouge area for years with things like mowing, watering, lighting, landscaping, and more.



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