All Of Your Yard Plants Need Protection For The Winter

All Of Your Yard Plants Need Protection For The Wint


Winter is almost here, and even though it doesn’t snow in Louisiana very often, the weather is still cold and there are sometimes frosts. Whether you have a flower bed full of flowers, a few bushes, or a few trees in your yard, a winter frost can kill all of them. This is why it’s so important for people to take care of and protect the plants in their yards all winter long. Read on to find out how to keep your plants healthy when it’s cold outside.


No matter what kind of plants you have in your yard, like rose bushes or citrus trees, they won’t be able to survive several nights of freezing temperatures without getting hurt. If a cold front is coming, it’s best to act now to avoid a frost that could kill your plants.

Start by wrapping or covering your plants loosely to keep some heat in and block the wind. This covering can be made of many different things, from burlap bags to bedsheets. No matter what you pick, though, the fabric must be breathable. In theory, putting plants in plastic trash bags or cling wrap sounds like a good idea, but plants need a steady flow of carbon dioxide to live. If you wrap a tree seedling in fabric, it can get carbon dioxide through the fabric and release oxygen without any trouble.

Cold fronts that bring wind can also dry out your plants. A fabric cover can keep moisture close to the plant, which lets it keep growing roots.

To give your plants a cover:

  • Place cone-shaped wooden stakes on all sides of the plant, pointing toward the middle.
  • Use wire or twine to tie the tops of the posts together.
  • Wrap the wooden stakes with burlap or another cheap fabric.
  • Leave a flap open on one side to make it easy to get to the plant.


When Louisiana gets light frosts or freezes, people can use one of the many anti-freeze foliage sprays on the market to keep plants from freezing and drying out because of wind and cold. These can last for a few weeks, which is helpful if you know a long cold front is coming to your area. Most sprays cover the branches and leaves of a plant with a thin film that keeps water in and protects it from wind that dries it out. This is similar to how lotion keeps your skin hydrated. Most plant nurseries sell these sprays for prices that are not too high.


During the winter, your plants need to stay warm to stay alive. There are a lot of easy ways to keep your plants warm and dry, like blocking the wind and trapping water. A full covering keeps some heat in, but if it stays cold for a long time, the cold may get through the fabric and let the heat out, leaving your plants frozen. To keep the chill away, wrap your plant covers in string lights or shine outdoor lamps on them. But be careful. When lights that are too hot touch the covering materials, they can start fires.

If the risk of fire keeps you from using lamps, you can always put a bed of plant debris under your plants to keep them warm. Start by giving the soil around your plant a lot of water, because wet soil holds heat better than dry soil. Put a fence around the plant made of wooden stakes and fabric to block the wind. Lastly, you can put leaves, mulch, or straw around the plant inside the fence. These hold in heat and water, which keeps the roots from getting hurt. If you’re worried, put a gallon jug of warm water next to the plants at night to keep them warm.

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Even though your plants need some protection during the winter, they don’t just stop growing. They still need the same careful care you’ve always given them, like watering, cutting back, and letting them get some sun.

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