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Give Your Garden a Makeover With These Landscaping Tips


Renovating or excavating your backyard can be a daunting prospect, especially when you know that the current ideas being implemented may become obsolete within a year or two. This scenario has been witnessed repeatedly in the realms of appliances, furnishings, and even bathroom designs, where the allure of a $20,000 renovation often fades as swiftly as the popularity of a chestnut-brown colored refrigerator did back in the 1970s.

However, it’s essential to recognize that exterior spaces can also fall victim to obsolescence. For instance, over just five years, numerous major cities across the country have enforced bans on pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Additionally, water, once readily available for maintaining expansive lawns, is becoming scarcer in many areas. These two significant considerations are compelling homeowners to pause and reevaluate their landscaping projects

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Landscape contractors are increasingly turning to hardscape elements as the focal points of their yard designs. This includes features like stone patios, rock pathways, water fountains, and multi-level decks.

The Indoors, Outdoors

The pursuit of an al fresco extension of our indoor living spaces has spurred the rise of open patios, essentially an open-air living room. Outdoor fireplaces have expanded the usability of patios in our cooler LA climate, while luxurious waterproof furniture emulates the comfort of indoor seating. The introduction of sizable southwest American-style grills has transformed the patio into a “summer kitchen,” rendering the indoor food preparation area superfluous until the first snowflakes fall.

The Incredible Shrinking Lawn

In the past, the aspiration of having a vast, impeccably manicured golf-course-like lawn was the desire of nearly every homeowner. However, with the implementation of water conservation measures and the prohibition of weed killers in many cities, the once-pristine Kentucky bluegrass lawn is gradually fading into obscurity. While lawns are still appreciated, they are shrinking in size, and homeowners are turning to natural fertilizers and eco-friendly pest control methods, relying on their own hard work to combat weeds. What’s more, the cacophony of the traditional lawnmower is making way for a sound that had become a rarity over the last half-century: the gentle clicking of a push mower.

Low Maintenance Gardens

Gardens are beloved, yet the demands of modern life often leave homeowners with little time for maintenance. In the midst of their hectic schedules, homeowners seek self-sustaining shrubs, trees, and plants or are willing to invest in professional landscape maintenance services. Consequently, when a landscape contractor assesses a homeowner’s needs, a critical factor to consider is the client’s lifestyle.

If you have the time and inclination to tend to your garden or prefer to delegate the work to others, then a lush Italian garden with flourishing rows of beans on the vine, tomatoes, and peppers is a splendid choice. However, for those desiring a more compact and easily managed backyard, the essence of an Italian garden can be incorporated in smaller portions, harmoniously blending with hardscape elements. Many of these plants can be potted in generously sized terra cotta containers and strategically placed on a patio adorned with decorative pavers.

Natural Plants

Before bulldozers and earthmovers reshaped the land to make way for your home, the natural landscape was adorned with indigenous shrubs, plants, and grasses perfectly adapted to the local environment. Over countless generations, these plants have finely tuned their resilience to the climate and developed their own innate defenses against pests. Remarkably, nature’s toolbox is replete with local flora and fauna, including saskatoon bushes, ladyslippers, blueberry bushes, wild onions, buffalo grass, and honeysuckle.

Not only do these native species require less care compared to domesticated plants, but they also introduce a unique spectrum of colors and textures to the landscape. These well-acclimated plants primarily rely on rainwater, yet they gladly benefit from the addition of composting material from a compost bin.


The onset of darkness doesn’t diminish homeowners’ desire to revel in their gardens. In old films, outdoor soirées were illuminated by strings of patio lanterns, with colored paper concealing small light bulbs. However, contemporary gardens have transcended into enchanting landscapes reminiscent of scenes from a Disney movie. Thanks to innovative solar-powered LEDs and strategically positioned small, colored spotlights, landscape designers are transforming backyards into personalized works of art. What’s more, these scenes and colors can be adjusted manually or pre-programmed, creating a captivating evening light show. For an added touch of splendor, the inclusion of a fountain can turn it into a mesmerizing water spectacle.

Wildlife Sanctuary

While a few individuals may find the presence of birds and animals in their backyard to be bothersome, for the vast majority, these creatures represent a perpetually changing tapestry of life. However, animals, particularly the smaller varieties, offer more than just visual appeal. Birds, toads, bats, ladybugs, and other wildlife play a crucial role in controlling garden pests that can harm plants and become a nuisance for homeowners. For instance, swallows have the remarkable ability to consume their body weight in insects every day, which translates to a substantial reduction in mosquitoes, sparing us from their relentless feasting.

Landscape designers carefully consider the delicate balance between preserving what is natural and meeting the desires of homeowners. Collaborating with our exports can provide you with great insite to create the yard of your dreams.



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