Residential Landscape Lighting: 4 Trends to Know for Your Baton Rouge Lawn

Residential Landscape Lighting: 4 Trends to Know for Your Baton Rouge Lawn


Your home or place of business can benefit from the ambiance, style, definition, and safety added by outdoor lighting. Your property’s appearance, feel, and functionality can all be significantly altered by even the smallest addition of lighting. Landscape lighting can be as sophisticated or simple as you would like it to be. You can plan and install the ideal lighting for your needs with the assistance of a skilled landscaping professional. Here are a few ideas that can be suitable for your outside area.

Intelligent Outdoor Lighting

With the help of new Smart Transformers and smart home upgrades, you can control your landscape lighting from anywhere at any time, just like you would an Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Home, or any other smart device. You may adjust the lighting for every situation by dimming, brightening, changing colors, and intensities. To have different system components switch on and off at various times, you can define and modify schedules as well as add zoning and phasing to the system.

Outdoor Bistro Lighting

The use of strand, carnival, or bistro lighting is excellent for providing overhead illumination in outdoor areas. These are the oval-shaped string lights that you normally see at fairs or backyard get-togethers since they cast a gentler light without blinding onlookers. These lights are now a practical and fashionable light source because they can be operated by smart plugs and remote controls, and come in LED form.

Lighting Down for Your Landscape

You can use downlights to shine a light on flowerbeds, walkways, and other parts of your yard that might be darker than others. To illuminate walkways or pool deck spacing, downlights like pathway lights can cast broad circles or oblique ovals of light while having a clear, distinct line where shadowing occurs. The fact that downlights reduce light pollution to a minimum and out of people’s eyesight is one of its many benefits.

Highlighting Your Favorite Landscape Features

Spotlights may enlighten and improve the outdoor ambiance of your landscape by illuminating bushes and trees. Spotlights may create any kind of ambiance by providing reflecting lighting to brighten regions without direct lighting to that area, using strong white lights or a range of colored bulbs.

Landscape lighting can be a great way to enhance your home’s exterior and curb appeal. Your home or place of business can be drastically transformed by a skilled landscaping company. Since many years ago, Baton Rogue Landscape Pros have provided residential and commercial property owners in the Baton Rouge region with everything from irrigation and mowing to lighting and landscaping.



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