Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Baton Rouge

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Baton Rouge


Many reasons why low-maintenance landscaping is desirable. Maybe you want to spend less time mowing, hedging, and pruning. You may want a yard that needs less water and is more resistant to weather fluctuations. You may need a landscape that looks excellent year-round.

Low-maintenance landscaping is often the answer. Depending on what you want to achieve with a minimal maintenance landscape, you may make various changes to your landscaping to get there.

How to Make Your Landscaping More Low Maintenance

Whether you want to eliminate a few of the most labor-intensive aspects in your yard or design an altogether new landscape that focuses on ease of care, the best alternatives for maintenance-free landscaping include:

Choose Native – Plants native to Baton Rouge will naturally grow well in the region, typically without needing much extra water or fertilizer, and will favorably contribute to your local environment. Still, these plants and trees provide some lovely landscape alternatives. Choose non-native plants that flourish in hardiness zone 9 so that they may grow in Baton Rouge.

Select Evergreen – Evergreen trees like southern magnolia, Southern pine, and live oaks, as well as evergreen shrubs like azaleas, Japanese yew, and Chinese Holly will remain green all year, eliminating the need to plant numerous different flowers and plants to prevent your yard seeming lifeless in the winter.

Choose an Easy Turfgrass – Centipedegrass and St. Augustinegrass are two of the simplest turf grasses to cultivate in Louisiana since they need little water and fertilizer. You may also install artificial grass for a low-maintenance solution.

Plant Larger Plants – Trees or bigger bushes will provide the same aesthetic effect as multiple smaller blooms while requiring significantly less upkeep.

Incorporate Hardscaping and Non-Organic Features – Rocks, patios, water fountains, and other aesthetic items in your yard need little upkeep but look amazing. Consider replacing patches of grass with gravel or stone.

Use Technology – If you have an irrigation system, set it to optimum watering on a timer, so you don’t have to remember that step.

If you have an irrigation system, use a timer to set it for optimum watering, so you don’t have to remember that step.

The work during installation is a significant component of low-maintenance landscaping. You will have fewer maintenance difficulties later on if you put up barriers, pick healthy plants in the proper types, and ensure they are well established.

Partnering with Baton Rogue Landscape Experts for landscaping and care in Baton Rouge is also the most convenient and low-maintenance approach to keep your yard looking fantastic. You can assure that the installation is expertly done and will continue to look fantastic for years by depending on our staff for landscape design. In addition, we may emphasize landscape design and other low-maintenance choices.

With our continuous lawn and garden management, you can leave all upkeep to our skilled crew and enjoy your lovely yard. Contact Baton Rogue Landscape Experts for more information about our entire landscaping and maintenance services range.



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