Landscaping Work Carried Out by the Baton Rouge Landscape Service Following a Storm

Landscaping Work Carried Out by the Baton Rouge Landscape Service Following a Storm


Hurricanes and other severe storms have the potential to cause extensive damage to homes and other buildings. If you have ever dealt with the aftermath of a hurricane and cleaned up the debris, you are well aware that there are a number of procedures you need to follow in order to guarantee that your home and property are restored in a secure and efficient manner. If you have never dealt with the aftermath of a storm, we are here to assist you to get ready for it as soon as possible.

Post Storm Psychology

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, there is a significant amount of psychological work to be done. As a population, we want to return to as close to normal as is practically possible. Our lives have come to a screeching halt, and the pleasures that we normally take for granted, such as electricity, air conditioning, and even hot meals, are momentarily unavailable to us. One thing that everyone can control, to the extent that they are able, is the cleanliness of their own property, which is the only thing that we can individually exert very little influence over as a whole. It is easier for us to reclaim some control over an unmanageable situation if we first mow the yard and then pick up any fallen branches, debris, or heaps of leaves that may have accumulated there. It enables us to put the storm, the turmoil it generated, and the destruction it caused behind us, and it gives us hope that we will be able to return to our regular state in the days or weeks to come.

When I start cleaning up my yard after a hurricane, what should the first thing I do be?

Because the damage caused by a storm might be hard to foresee, it is essential that you evaluate the damage before you begin cleaning up. It’s possible that there are fallen power lines and live wires, both of which make your property hazardous and even potentially lethal. It is important to evaluate any trees that are on your property to reduce the risk of damage during the clean-up process because broken branches can fall from trees. Finally, because you never know what you might uncover while cleaning up, it is imperative that you wear a quality pair of gloves to protect your hands from any sharp things that you might come across.

How do I fix the drainage and erosion problems that have been caused by the storm?

Erosion and pooling of water in your yard might be the result of storms with high wind and rain totals. It’s possible that you have erosion issues that need to be addressed and fixed by a trained specialist. The support of your patio or any other structure could be compromised if the soil in the area shifts, rendering those structures unstable. Before you make any attempts to drain the water or clean it up, it is in your best interest to have a trained professional examine any floodwaters that have accumulated on your property. This is because there is a possibility that the water has been contaminated. If you have a section of your yard that floods frequently, even when there isn’t a deluge of rain, planting shrubs or plants that need a lot of water will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

After a hurricane, what should I do to clear up the yard debris?

After determining that it is both sanitary and safe to begin the process of rebuilding your property, the first step will be to remove any debris that may be in the way. Begin with the smaller components, such as twigs and leaves, and work your way up to the larger components, such as branches and bushes. Even though some plants and trees may shed all of their leaves in an effort to alleviate the stress caused by wind damage or flooding, the majority of them will recover over the course of time. Before you get rid of a plant, you should make sure you check with an expert to determine whether or not it is actually dead or has suffered harm that cannot be repaired.

After severe weather, what should I do with trees that have fallen or been damaged?

After a storm, it may not be necessary to chop down every damaged tree on the property; nevertheless, trees that have been uprooted as a result of strong winds or that have sustained significant damage may need to be removed off the land. You should hire a professional to remove huge trees and grind out the stumps after a storm has damaged them since the trees can act erratically after the storm. Be cautious to work safely and keep in mind that your homeowner’s insurance might not cover any harm you cause to yourself if you decide to tackle some of the smaller trees on your own, even if you feel confident that you can do so. It is possible that it would be most beneficial to have a team of trained professionals manages the trees. No matter how much expertise you have with tree cleanup, you should always wear a good set of chain saw chaps, a face shield or safety glasses, and a thick set of leather gloves whenever you operate a chainsaw, no matter what. This is the most important safety precaution. In contrast to plants, human beings do not appear to have the ability to regenerate lost limbs or appendages.

During times of extreme weather, our honest wish is for each and every one of our customers to sustain as little damage as possible. In the event that this occurs and you find yourself in need of assistance in recovering your home, the specialists we employ are available to guide you through the necessary steps. We are always available to meet with you and conduct a site assessment in the event that you find yourself in need of yard or property restoration. This will allow us to develop a plan of action for restoring your yard or landscape to its original, or even better, condition.



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