Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas


You may step out to your front yard and don’t like what you see since the exterior space looks drab. You might think that the house is getting old, or you need a new coat of paint. However, this might not be true as your exterior space lacks an ideal landscaping design.

Designing your home’s landscape will improve the house’s value and increase the aesthetic value. There are various ways you can improve your lawn. For instance, you can decide to plant grass, flowers, and trees, have a water feature, or stonework. Whichever choice you make, ensure that it is in your best interest. Also, you can find your perfect lawn care design without having to break a bank.

What is Landscaping?

You may have heard of landscaping design and wondered what it means. Some people use the term interchangeably with lawn care. These terms more or less mean the same thing. Landscaping is the planning, laying out, and construction of exterior space to improve the aesthetic effect and value of the property. 

In some cases, it can be designed to have a practical motive. For instance, the trees and grasses planted on the lawn helps in cooling, reducing energy costs. However, lawn care is primarily meant to improve the aesthetic value as much as this can be achieved.

Another mistake most people tend to make is to associate lawn care or gardening with only the homes. Lawn care can apply to any facility and can be used on a commercial building or a public place like a school or park. When getting landscaping ideas, you can use your creativity or opt for landscaping services. Observation, reading books and magazines, movies, and consultation from landscaping services can inspire your landscaping ideas.

Benefits of Lawn Care

  • Aesthetical Value

An obvious advantage of lawn care is improving the aesthetic value of the property. Having a neatly planted flower garden and stone tiles on the walkway can be a beautiful picture of your front yard. If you are a water lover, the sound design of a water fountain can be a good addition.

  • Improves Value during Resale

Lawn care also improves the value of the property in case of a resale. When you want to sell your home, you’ll be guaranteed more cash when adequately designed and taking care of your landscape.

  • Quality Air

Trees and green matter in your lawn absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Therefore, such inclusions in the house would guarantee quality air.

  • Environmental Cleaners

The air is filled with dust particles, smoke particles, and other pollutants. However, the grass you plant on your lawn will capture these particles leaving it clean air to breathe.

  • Windbreakers

You know that strong winds can blow off your roof. However, you don’t have to worry about this as the trees you plant on your lawn would slow down the winds. Also, they reduce noise pollution.

  • Water Protection

In case of a heavy downpour, runoff water can cause severe damages to your front space, more so when you live in a sloppy region. However, grass and flower beds would contain runoff water and avoid erosion.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Now that you have known what lawn care is and learned its benefits, you may decide to have some in your front yard. You can get help from landscapers to help you find the best designs. First, however, you have to ensure that these designs meet your interests.

Below is a list of landscaping designs you can opt for.

  • Simple Stone Path

A simple stone path is an ideal addition to your front yard when you want to have a cortege garden design in your home. The stone path can be laid in mortar or require a concrete or sand set foundation. Spaces between stones can be filled with sand or gravel, or plant some grass to make them more stable. With simple masonry skills, you can find a perfect DIY installation to perform over the weekend. First, however, you can hire landscapers who will guarantee top-quality services.

  • Patio Roses

Patio roses are small rose flowers grown in pots and tubs, then placed on the patio. During the summer, they flower and display a beautiful color on your deck. They are easy to maintain and require little cash to install. Simple pruning and watering are what you need to keep these fantastic plants.

  • Floral Border

Having a floral border to segment your front yard is an ideal way to improve the aesthetic look. However, before you embark on the idea, it is essential to ask yourself important questions like the amount of space available. The floral border should be large enough to create a beautiful look and narrow enough to maintain easily. You can plant different types of flowers in order, depending on the combination that you like.

  • Trimmed Separating Edge

You can have a spacious outdoor space encompassing a swimming pool, outdoor dining area, and a lounge. You can decide to plant grass on the lawn but have this distinct area separated with a trimmed separating edge. It would make the space look beautiful while providing a vivid distinction of the segments. This lawn care idea is also easy to maintain. Trimming and watering are all you need.

  • Overgrown Terrace

A fully grass-covered lawn may not be your thing. You may want to have a stone tablet arranged in your front yard. To add aesthetic effect, you would decide to grow over grass in between these stone tablets. Such an overgrown terrace looks beautiful, more so when the grass grows evergreen. Such a landscaping design won’t limit you from walking over the lawn as you can walk on the stone tablets. Simple watering and trimming of the grass are all you need to maintain the property.

  • Hydrangea Bushes

Hydrangea is lawn care shrubs that bloom throughout the summer. Their flowers have varied colors; white, red, purple, pink, blue, and even green. Growing the hydrangea bushes in your front yard will mean that you provide them with partial shade. You can welcome your guests with an excellent display of hydrangea bushes arranged around your front door. The choice of color will depend on your taste. Also, you won’t have to worry about maintenance, so long as you provide them with the shade they need and prune and water than when required.



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