Easy Landscaping Ideas for the Front of Your House

Easy Landscaping Ideas for the Front of Your House


Regardless of the size of your front yard, it plays an integral role in determining the overall beauty of your home. The best landscaping design of your home is more than just having an attractive lawn. The size and shape of your home can help you choose the perfect landscaping ideas for the front of your house.

If you don’t know how to decorate the front yard of your house, the ideas shared in this piece might come in handy.

What is Landscaping Design?

Yard design is the process of making a piece of land such as a garden more attractive. It involves altering the current design by adding a few or more ornamental features to a piece of land.

Landscaping services can be done by planting shrubs and trees. Now, let us look at some of the benefits of landscaping and why you should consider doing it.

Why is Yard Design Important?

Landscape architecture is important in many ways. But many people are not sure whether they need to landscape their yards and make them more attractive.

Yard design is an activity that helps us curb toxicity and many other environmental issues. Most materials used at home, such as furniture, building materials, and chemicals, emit pollutants to the environment.

Through landscaping design, you will find sustainable alternatives to materials that could make the environment toxic.

The next advantage of landscaping services is that it increases the value of your home. It means that if you choose to sell your property, you will make huge profits from it if the yard is landscaped.

It is reported that an average US citizen sells and buys a new home after 5-7 years. Therefore, landscaping is the best way to enhance your home’s value while attracting as many potential buyers as possible.

Landscaping Ideas You Should Try

If you have never tried landscaping services before, here are some ideas to get you started;

  1. Add some light

    Landscaping lights are very affordable and can transform the front of your house. Consider going for the solar-powered ones, and your power bills won’t increase at all.

    This implies that you have the freedom of choosing the color lights of your choice. Install them in the ground along the bordering flower bed of walkways.

    The lights will then power themselves to keep the front of your door illuminated. If you have a few bucks to spare, you can upgrade to better lighting like lanterns.

    Regardless of the lights you decide to use, make sure they blend perfectly with your yard. If you are not so good at choosing lights, get in touch with an expert.
  1. Upgrade the bed border

Be sure to give the border of your flowerbed enough attention. If you have a garden in your front yard, then it has a borderline.

You can either upgrade or refresh the borderline to make it more appealing. By doing so, the plants and features in the bed will look great.

It is possible to upgrade the area using pavers, natural stone, and pre-made blocks. It is important to use things that match your overall home style.

This is an important activity that will give your front yard a facelift. Thankfully, it won’t take you too long to complete, regardless of the size of your flowerbed.

  1. Add Some Privacy

It is important to add some privacy to your front yard. The best way to do that is by adding a buffer of shrubs. 

Your shrub should contain different types of plants with varying heights. However, you want to position the plants well so that they don’t block the way to the house.

If your intention is to block the view from a given room, you want to plant some trees or shrubs in the right position.

Once the trees and shrubs are grown, they will look like a fence. The difference is that, unlike a fence, they will look more welcoming.

  1. Go Long Term

It is okay if you intend to plant some trees around the house. However, you should be sure that you will still be happy to have the trees 12-15 years later.

Trees are permanent, so you need to be careful with which type before planting them. since You may spend more money if you choose to remove the trees later in the future.

Also, trees can be a great asset if you intend to sell the house after some time. But if the next owner thinks they will have to remove the trees, then your property’s value will be affected.

  1. Create an Entrance

Not everyone has a driveway that is straight to the house from the street. But if you have one, you need to soften that line using a curved planting bed at the point where the driveway meets the corner of the yard.

You will end up with an amazing sweeping effect as you move toward the house. Those without a direct driveway should consider planting flowering plants. They will look amazing in spring and make your front yard stand out from the crowd.

  1. Garden Bed Around Your Mailbox 

Do you have a mailbox in your compound? You should plant some annual flowers or creeping jasmine around it. 

If you are worried that people might step on the flowers, leave a small path leading to the mailbox. However, consider making the path green so that it matches the overall style of your compound.

You only need around $75 to get this kind of escape. In the long run, it will tremendously improve the value of your home. 

Closing Thoughts

Do you have further questions about the best landscaping ideas? We are here to help you make the best decisions. Our experienced landscapers will use the best of their knowledge and skills to advise you. But if you would like the landscapers to show up at your home, use the contact details on this website to let us know. However, the tips shared in this guide are straightforward and are a great starting point.



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