Baton Rouge Tree Trimming Services: What to Look for in a Tree Surgeon

Baton Rouge Tree Trimming Services: What to Look for in a Tree Surgeon


No matter if you fly into Baton Rouge, walk along the LSU lakes, drive down I-10, or just run errands around town, you will notice how many trees there are in the greater Baton Rouge area. From beautiful, wide magnolias to huge, spreading live oaks, the trees of south Louisiana are a sight to see. But trees may need to be cut down or trimmed when they get old, get hurt, or grow too big for your home or property.


Because of the size, scale, and science involved in making changes to these important and large landmarks, experience and knowledge are very important. This means that choosing the right tree trimming service or tree surgeon is important for the safety of your property and the health of your trees.

What qualifications and skills should a Tree Surgeon have?

Any professional you hire to work on, in, or around your home needs to be licensed and insured. Trimming and cutting down trees can pose a lot of risks.


Before your service provider does any work on your property, make sure they have enough up-to-date insurance coverage. Your tree surgeon should also be certified in arboriculture, at least a Certificate II. Also, the number of years a company has been in business, reviews, referrals, recommendations, and other things can help you figure out if they can help you with your tree problems.

What should you look for in a Tree Surgeon before you hire them?

Aside from licenses and insurance, tree trimmers and other home service providers should have a few general qualities. Your schedule is important, and other people should respect your time. whoever you hire should be able to understand that. They should also be able to recognize and name different kinds of trees and know how to take care of them properly. Communication is also a very important skill. Your tree-trimming service needs to tell you what to expect, what could go wrong, and why they are doing things the way they are.

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