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10 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Look Expensive


1) Mow Your Lawn

Simply keeping your grass mowed, bushes trimmed, and yard clean of leaves is a simple and easy approach to improve your curb appeal. A little elbow grease goes a long way toward achieving the desired aesthetic.

The little things may ruin your property, so keep trash cans and miscellaneous outdoor objects out of sight. Even too many lawn decorations distract from the outdoor hideaway you’re attempting to create—remove them to create a blank canvas.Cleaning up a yard might be difficult when you have a lot of jobs to do. Focus on one topic at a time to make the job more doable.

2) Pick A Decor Style

…and then stick to it! While no one believes that your modern-boho-industrial-Tuscany-chic outfit will take the globe by storm, a mishmash of conflicting styles might be perplexing. Using a consistent décor theme and color palette helps the eye to rest and take in the overall beauty of the setting.

If you want a more eclectic look, go for it, but limit yourself to a few colors and materials.

Curate your landscape to complement your theme for an ultra-luxe effect. A Zen garden, seen above, uses sustainable bamboo, while a Tuscan-style patio can include olive trees, terracotta pots, and topiaries to complete the picture.

3) Coordinate Furniture

Like keeping to a single theme, a coordinated set gives a coherent and consistent appearance. Everything does not have to be the same material or form, but it should all fit together.

Metal chairs may be used with a wood table, but the chairs should all have a unifying feature, such as the rattan chairs and stools seen here. (Although the pieces vary, they are all made of the same wood.)

Don’t throw out your furniture because it doesn’t match. Add a unifying aspect to your favorite items by painting or staining them in the same color or fabric or adding cushions in the same material.

4) Create Distinct Areas

Every activity has its place on a luxury patio. “This is where we eat, play bocce, and relax by the infinity pool with our dry martinis.”

While you may not have this luxury, you may make your area seem elegant by arranging furniture that clearly defines its function. Anchor eating and entertaining areas with carpets or landscaping accents like stones or flowers, and leave enough space between them for efficient traffic flow.

If your room needs to be more significant to accommodate many zones, concentrate on making a single area seem unified. Set up the patio as if it were a living room, with furniture facing each other.

5) Add Lighting

When it comes to lighting, think beyond the box. Above an outdoor dining table, globe string lighting appears lovely and festive, but the subtle things distinguish your patio or outdoor environment.

LED lighting around landscape edges or stair steps draws attention to such elements and improves safety. Spotlights on trees and bushes give the yard you’ve worked so hard to maintain a groomed appearance (see tip one).

Use caution when utilizing colored lighting; it may seem more like Christmas lights than the high-end effect you were striving for. Landscape lighting colors like white and blue are safe choices.

6) Make a Grand Entrance

Because your patio entry is the gateway to your luxury paradise, it should reflect that. Consider planting plants or creating a slight vignette to frame your entrance and establish the tone for the remainder of your property.

Changing outdated hardware, such as door knobs, kick plates, wall sconces, and outdoor fans, may significantly impact. Painting your front door to match your outside patio will help to unify the room and make it seem custom-made.

If you need help with outdated hardware, consider painting it. Applying black spray paint may transform ancient fixtures (or freshly rescued things) into true showpieces.

7) Add Decor

Consider your patio to be an extension of your interior area. Rugs, comfy seats, coffee tables, and cushions all boost the aesthetic while bringing the coziness of the living or dining room outside.

Don’t stop there! Throws, coasters, candles, poufs, and even lights may be brought outdoors to make your area your own.

Tip! Don’t be concerned about the weather—outdoor décor has gone a long way! Your favorite outdoor accessories will last years, from fade-resistant carpets to waterproof cushions.

8) Make Repairs

Cracked and loose masonry not only degrades the appearance of outdoor places but also poses serious safety risks. Replace or fix any loose stones or cement to avoid accidents.

If you have a wood patio in your backyard, pressure wash it to remove any dirt or debris gathered over the winter. If the wood has seen better days, try refinishing or painting it for a fast facelift.

Consider cement stains and DIY brick and stone stencils if masonry construction is outside your budget. Several lovely solutions are available on the market for achieving a high-end, fake effect.

9) Create A Focal Point

Small water elements like bird baths, ponds, or fountains offer a calming atmosphere while elevating your area without an in-ground pool. Not a fan of water? Not a problem! Anything that brings together friends and family is a great investment.

Fire pits are a lovely and inexpensive way to extend your patio into the winter months—imagine all the marshmallow toasting! Outdoor activities (such as bocce ball, horseshoes, and croquet) are also enjoyable additions.

Invest in items that you will like. Whether you need help determining whether an item is a wise investment for your lifestyle, check it out with a DIY or low-cost version. If you know you and your family will use an item, invest in one that will last a long time.

10) Creature Comforts

Begin with one piece and gradually develop your patio. Consider incorporating the most inside goods you use into your outside areas, such as a TV or a reclining spot.

If you like entertaining, outdoor kitchen accessories such as a bar, wine fridge, and grill should be included. Bring out genuine dishes and glasses to make your patio seem abundant, and enjoy the area you’ve made with your favorite people.

Tip! Imagine your ideal outdoor area and make it a reality by deciding what is most important to you. If you like cooking, consider purchasing an outside grilling area. Do you want to unwind? Lounge chairs are an absolute essential.



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